bind() sockets to restricted ports for lower-privilege daemons
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bsock - bind() sockets to restricted ports for lower-privilege daemons

bsock federates binding to (important) socket addresses/ports on a system and
removes the requirement that many daemons start with root privileges in order
to bind to assigned ports.

The bsock daemon listens for requests on a local unix domain socket. provides reusable bsock and bpoll interfaces.

proxyexec - proxy command execution without setuid

proxyexec is an executable that builds with and can be used
as a login shell or as the target of an sshd_config ForceCommand to
leverage operating system authentication to passing credentials to a
service program running under a single account.

proxyexec handles client/server communication by passing argv and stdin,
stdout, stderr fds over unix domain socket between processes owned by
different users.

bpoll - bookkeeping poll interface

bpoll provides a thin and portable abstraction interface using historical poll
semantics to detect ready events on socket, pipe, and other descriptors.
bpoll aims to provide a bookeeping event polling framework to encapsulate a
variety of poll implementations provided by different platforms.