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[DEPRECATED] Google Drive Android Quickstart

The Drive Android API used in this sample is now deprecated. Please see the migration guide for more information.

This application provides a single activity designed to get you up and running with the Google Drive API for Android.

What does it do?

  • Takes photos and stores them in Drive
  • Displays a file picker to the user to select where to save files
  • Shows you how to write file content
  • Shows you how to set file metadata including title and MIME type

Set Up

  1. Install the Android SDK.
  2. Download and configure the Google Play services SDK, which includes the Google Drive Android API.
  3. Create Google API Console project and/or enable the Drive API for an existing project.
  4. Register an OAuth 2.0 client for the package '' with your own debug keys. See full instructions in the Getting Started guide

What does it look like?

File chooser to create files


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