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<!-- [START apps_script_forms_notifications_quickstart] -->
<p><i>Form Notifications</i> (a Google Forms add-on) has detected that the form
titled <a href="<?= formUrl?>"><b><?= title ?></b></a> has received
<?= responses ?> responses so far.</p>
<p><a href="<?= sheet ?>">Response sheet</a></p>
<p><a href="<?= summary ?>">Summary of form responses</a></p>
<p>You are receiving this email because an editor of this form configured
<i>Form Notifications</i> to alert you every time this form receives
<b><?= responseStep ?></b> responses.</p>
<p>To change this setting, or to stop receiving these notifications, have the
form owner or editors open the form and adjust the <i>Form Notifications</i>
add-on configuration via the "Configure notifications" menu item.</p>
<p style="font-size:80%">This automatic message was sent to you via the <i>Form
Notifications</i> add-on for Google Forms.
<?= notice ?></p>
<!-- [END apps_script_forms_notifications_quickstart] -->
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