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// [START apps_script_triggers_form]
* Responds to a form when submitted.
* @param {event} e The Form submit event.
function respondToFormSubmit(e) {
var addonTitle = 'My Add-on Title';
var props = PropertiesService.getDocumentProperties();
var authInfo = ScriptApp.getAuthorizationInfo(ScriptApp.AuthMode.FULL);
// Check if the actions of the trigger requires authorization that has not
// been granted yet; if so, warn the user via email. This check is required
// when using triggers with add-ons to maintain functional triggers.
if (authInfo.getAuthorizationStatus() ==
ScriptApp.AuthorizationStatus.REQUIRED) {
// Re-authorization is required. In this case, the user needs to be alerted
// that they need to re-authorize; the normal trigger action is not
// conducted, since it requires authorization first. Send at most one
// "Authorization Required" email per day to avoid spamming users.
var lastAuthEmailDate = props.getProperty('lastAuthEmailDate');
var today = new Date().toDateString();
if (lastAuthEmailDate != today) {
if (MailApp.getRemainingDailyQuota() > 0) {
var html = HtmlService.createTemplateFromFile('AuthorizationEmail');
html.url = authInfo.getAuthorizationUrl();
html.addonTitle = addonTitle;
var message = html.evaluate();
'Authorization Required',
message.getContent(), {
name: addonTitle,
htmlBody: message.getContent()
props.setProperty('lastAuthEmailDate', today);
} else {
// Authorization has been granted, so continue to respond to the trigger.
// Main trigger logic here.
// [END apps_script_triggers_form]
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