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Quickstart: Apps Scripts for Google Sheets

Sample Google Apps Script add-ons and menus, and custom functions for Google Sheets.

Date Add and Subtract

Date Add and Subtract is a sample add-on for Google Sheets that provides custom functions for date manipulation.

Managing Responses for Google Forms

Create a Google Form based on data in a spreadsheet that emails Google Calendar invites and a personalized Google Doc to everyone who responds.

Quickstart Forms

Menus and Custom Functions

Create a spreadsheet with custom functions, menu items, and automated procedures.

Quickstart Custom Functions

Bracket Maker

This tutorial shows you how to use the Spreadsheets service to create Tournament Brackets similar to College Basketball's March Madness. You can use this tutorial to easily create your own brackets.

Removing Duplicates

This tutorial shows how to avoid duplicates when you want to automate the process of copying data in G Suite and specifically how to remove duplicate rows in spreadsheet data.

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