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Gmail Add-ons samples

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This repository contains samples Gmail add-ons. See sub-directories for more detailed descriptions of individual samples.


Save time and effort for your users by automating these tasks with Gmail add-ons. Gmail add-ons examine incoming messages, then act on these messages in various ways, such as by:

  • Displaying additional information for the user in the Gmail UI.
  • Connecting to non-Google services, to retrieve information or take other actions.
  • Providing an interactive interface to allow the user to control the add-on or send information to another service.

Sample add-ons

Meeting Assistant - This add-on helps users quickly schedule meetings in response to an email thread. It demonstrates interactive cards & forms as well as interaction with the Google Calendar API.

GitHub Reader - This add-on shows additional information about issues and pull requests for GitHub repositories. It demonstrates how conditionally display cards based on email content as well as connect to external services to bring rich information into Gmail.

Questions and discussions

If you have questions or run into issues with Gmail add-ons, see:

Contributing changes

See CONTRIBUTING.md for more information on how to contribute to this project.


Thes samples are licensed under the Apache 2 license.