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This application will be used to keep track of attendance for Georgia Tech College of Computing student organizations and act as a landing page for them as well.


To run the app locally, you'll need node, npm (packaged with node >= 0.6), mongodb,

Setting up the development environment

First, fork the gt-webdev/attendance repository on GitHub, then clone your fork. For example:

$ git clone[github username]/attendance.git

replace [github username] with your github username.

Then, install all the dependencies and start mongodb:

$ cd attendance
$ npm install
$ sudo /etc/init.d/mongodb start  # or the variant for your system

If you encounter an error with bcrypt during npm install it's posible that your openssl doesn't have the config files that are installed with libssl-dev, installing libssl-dev should fix that problem. If you're still receving errors, try installing node-gyp with sudo npm install -g node-gyp.

Start the app with:

$ node app.js

Code Quality and Documentation

Please maintain well-documented code by providing headers for all named functions and by placing a comment before each logical section of code describing what is being done. Pull requests for undocumented code will not be merged.

All .js files should be validated with jslint using the following rules:

/*jslint browser: true, devel: true, node: true, bitwise: true, 
continue: true, debug: true, eqeq: true, es5: true, forin: true, 
newcap: true, nomen: true, plusplus: true, regexp: true,undef: true, 
sloppy: true, sub: true, vars: true, white: true, on: true, indent: 2 */

For validation, you may either use the online validator or use an editor extension such as jslint.vim for Vim.


Before submitting changes for a pull request, make sure that all tests are passing.

tests coming soon

Submitting changes

To submit changes, make a new branch for your change, and then add commits, and then submit a pull request on GitHub.