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Open source graph theory Java library
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annas Build Status

Written by Sam Wilson and contributors.

The code is licensed under the terms of the

The content is licensed under the terms of the


annas is an open source java library that provides data structures and algorithms for work in the field of graphs theory. Currently annas consists of two packages;

  • org.annas.graph - a package providing graph data structures and algorithms
  • org.annas.math - a package containing a range of mathematical function.

Work on the framework's improvement is progressive, this means that development is well underway to the next stable release. To track the progress you may track source repository's log and view the milestones.

The library is provided as source code and compiled jars. In addition to this some harness's are provided in the repository for testing and example of how to use the framework. The framework uses junit in ensure a rigourous process of testing and backwards compatibility.

Please feel free to join the group, and contribute!!

Please raise any issues using the issues side tab.

Please visit the annas project page

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