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Step 1 - Get Stubs

Download the stubs by cloning the repository, or downloading them here

Step 2 - Setup your Editor

Before starting this process, you should make sure your editor has standard python autocompletion working. For example. list(1). should show "append, clear, etc". If that does not work you need to troubleshoot your editor setup and the corresponding python autocomplete plugin.


Only after you have regular python autocomplete working with your editor, you should proceed to configure it to use these stubs:


There are some limitations to the autocomplete options provided by these stubs, so don't assume they are 100% correct:

  • Stubs here match the DLLS included in this repo and might not reflect a later release. You can generate your own stubs for a different version of a given DLL as needed.

  • Wildcard imports are not supported (from x import *). You shouldn't be using them anyway 😈 .

  • Method overloads work differently in Python, so some function signatures might be incomplete (eg. a C# method might take func(str), OR func(str, int) OR func(str, bool). Since overloads work differently in python, Autocomplete options will be something like func(args) or similar.

  • Given the limitations listed above, these stubs should be used primarily for speed, but not as a replacement for documentation.








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