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This is a list of resources relevant to the brave people who insist in using Python for Revit instead of the more supported .NET languages.

A special thanks to the earlier explorers who create some of the projects or resources I have personally benefited from:

Please start an Issue or send a Pull Request to add additional links.




An IronPython scripting environment for Autodesk Revit

RevitPythonShell Gitbook


IronPython scripts and add-in tab for Autodesk Revit®

Libraries / Helpers


A Revit API Wrapper to help Python programmers write more pythonic Revit API code.


Python tools to process actions on revit models from cli

Ironic Python Helper

Half lookup, half doc reader, half visual debugger, these 3 halves are helpfull when you're dealing with huge .NET frameworks or Python modules.


Python library to automate creating DynamoBIM custom nodes.


Dynamo-Python Packages


A collection of [...] custom nodes for the Dynamo visual programming environment


A collection of Dynamo nodes


LunchBox is a set of computational design tools for Grasshopper and Dynamo. The plugins include new component nodes for managing data and geometry for activities such as generative form making, paneling, rationalization, and interoperability.


Ladybug Plugin for DynamoBIM


A interop project for bridging the gap between Rhino/Grasshopper and Revit/Dynamo

Dynamo-Python Resources

Dynamo Primer

Dynamo Primer - Python

Danny Bentley Youtube

Youtube Channel with Revit API and Dynamo with C# and Python Videos


Revit API Forum

Revit API Docs

Dynamo Forum

Stackoverflow: revit-api

Revit API Blogs

Building Coder Blog



Nathan's Revit API Notebook

Official Autodesk Resources

Autodesk Developer Network

2017: Developer's Guide

Python Documents and Guides

Python Docs (2.7)



IronPython Documentation


Oficial IronPython Documentation

IronPython History

IronPython Episode on Talk Python To me

Have you heard of IronPython and Jython? These two alternate implementations of Python were created by Jim hugunin. They run on top of the .NET and JVM runtimes. On this episode going to look at the story of IronPython. It's been around for many years. Although the last few years, it's been somewhat stagnant. That's why I am thrilled to introduce you to Alex Earl, who along with Benedikt Eggers, has become the maintainer of the IronPython project. It's great to see IronPython getting the attention it deserves. We'll talk about IronPython past, present, future on this episode of Talk Python To Me.

IronPython + WPF

Windows Presentation Foundation Resources focused on IronPython


Recipes and example code for IronPython


This is a simple introduction to Windows Presentation Foundation

Dark Corners Of Python

[...] Nitty gritty details of how to use Python the language to integrate with the underlying .NET framework