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Revit API Docs - Code Samples

Code Sample Repository for

This repository allows the Revit API Community to contribute to the Code Samples section of Revit API Docs.

How does it work?

The Code Samples page uses the Github API to read this repository and inject the files into the browser. [Note: for performance reasons, the code is Cached and will only be refreshed every 6 hours]


Who can contribute?

Anyone who writes Revit API code and would like to share them with the community.

What languages are accepted?

Python, CSharp

One off contributions

  1. Fork this repository

  2. Add / Modify the scripts on your fork

  3. Create a Pull Request

    (More info on how to Create a Pull Request from your fork here)

Regular contributions

Once you have made a few contributions, feel free to request to be added as a Repository Contributor:

  1. Create an Issue Requesting to be added as a Contributor in the Issues Page
  2. Once you have been added as a contributor, you will be able to Push directly to the repository.


  1. Scripts should be placed in the appropriate folder, and have the expected extension for that language.
  2. The filename should be {Category}_{Name}.{ext}, for example:
  3. The categories are only loosely defined, and can be revised as the code base grows.
  4. Scripts must include the license and information described below.

License and Credits

All contributions added to this repository will be shared using the MIT License. Authors can include their own credits, but they should also keep the information listed below at the beginning of each file:

{Short Description}
{Longer Description - Optional}

Tested Revit API: {comma separated years}

Author: {Name | {email, and or github page of Author}

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Creates a drafting view

TESTED REVIT API: 2015, 2016, 2017

Author: Gui Talarico |

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