FlashVocab is an Android app to learn 1000 GRE words with pictures & repetition scheduling with flashcards
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FlashVocab is a virtual flashcard application. It is designed for users who want to increase their English vocabulary skills in a very fast and effective way. Each flashcard consists of not only the word and its meaning, but also its usage, synonyms, antonyms. The flashcards also use multimedia such as audio pronunciation, and pictures to make it fun and easy to memorize words. FlashVocab uses spaced repetition learning technique to adapt each card’s review schedule based on user's rating of its difficulty level and previous review history.

  • 1000 Most Common GRE Words
  • Meaning, example, pronunciation, picture, synonyms, antonyms for every word
  • Displays cards based on user's performance
  • Test what you have learned by MCQ cards


Get it on Google Play

Google Play URL: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gtatiya.flashvocab

Getting started:

On the app's main screen, press 'Study Vocabulary' button to start your study session. When flash card appears, you have to read the word on its front and recall its meaning. Now, press 'SHOW ANSWER' to read its meaning along with other details on its back and verify your answer. You can now enter your confidence level for the word by pressing any one of three 'rating' buttons.

How to use 'rating' buttons?

  • Press EASY: If you want the app to reschedule the card to show less frequently.
  • Press GOOD: If you want the app to reschedule the card to show a little longer than the previous time.
  • Press AGAIN: If you want the app to reschedule the card to show very frequent.

How to use settings?

There are various scheduling preferences that help you customize scheduling of the cards according to your choices. No. of New Cards/day- Set the total number of new cards per day. No. of Review Cards/day - Set the total number of review cards per day.

How to go back at previous card?

If you have inadvertently pressed a wrong button ('turn', 'rating'), you can go back to the previous card to correct your input using 'undo' button, which is located on the top right of every card. You can also use this button simply when you want to read the previous card again.