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EVE Market Data Relay (EMDR)

EVE Market Data Relay is a super-scalable, super-stable way to accept a large amount of user-submitted market data (via uploaders), and re-broadcast said data in near real-time to a large number of subscribers.

The end result is that those writing market-data driven applications can simply subscribe to a "firehose" of market data, without having to hassle with writing uploaders, data submission APIs, or scraping data from other market sites.

For a more complete run-down, see :doc:`overview`.

Learning more

To learn more about EMDR, see the :doc:`overview`.

License: EVE Market Data Relay is licensed under the `BSD License`_.

These links may also be useful to you.

General Topics

The following topics are higher-level overviews, and general documentation. If you are just curious, or wondering how to upload data to EMDR, this section is all you need.

Consumer Documentation

The following topics are useful to those wishing to connect to and use EMDR's data feed.

EMDR Developer Documentation

The following topics will be useful to you if you would like to help improve EMDR, or volunteer additional computing resources to the network.

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