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Uploading Market data to EMDR
+Uploading to EMDR contributes data to for public use. Feeding the firehose
+benefits us all, so please do consider pointing your uploader at the network.
+With the EVE Marketeer Client
For those gracious souls willing to point their uploaders at EMDR, here how you
can do that.
@@ -21,4 +27,19 @@ can do that.
You can then use any market service's auto-uploader pages.
-.. _EVE Marketeer Uploader:
+.. _EVE Marketeer Uploader:
+Uploaders with Unified Uploader Support
+If your uploader is listed below, it supports Unified Upload Format, and can
+upload in a more direct manner (for us):
+* Contribtastic for Mac
+Use the following URL for uploading:
+We'll expand the list of uploaders as more support this format.

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