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Creeper's Lament is a survival multiplayer (SMP)
- <a href="">Minecraft</a> server. Our
- goals are to provide...
+ <a href="">Minecraft</a> server. We are
+ semi-private in that we only allow players in that have
+ <a href="{% url pages-registration %}">registered</a>,
+ but we impose no limits on who may do so. While we are a survival server,
+ our playerbase gravitates towards building and exploration. This server
+ is currently home to around ten active players.
+<h2>What is this Minecraft thing?</h2>
+ <a href="">Minecraft</a> is low-fi building,
+ exploration, and survival game. It is extremely simple, a great creative
+ outlet, and playable even by those who don't consider themselves gamers.
+ The rough premise is that you run around gathering resources and building
+ materials, and set out to construct your very own
+ <a href="">castles</a>,
+ <a href="">houses</a>,
+ <a href="">bridges</a>,
+ <a href="">subways</a>,
+ <a href="">floating islands</a>,
+ <a href="">statues</a>,
+ or whatever else
+ you can imagine. Meanwhile, you have to avoid monsters (that's where
+ the survival element comes into play). Youtube videos, screenshots,
+ and write-ups don't adequately show why this game is fun, it's something
+ that makes a lot more sense after trying it.
+ You may <a href="">buy the game</a>
+ for about $25. The developer is a small indie game company, so queue
+ feel-good feelings for supporting a budding company with great ideas.
+<h2>Some Background Info</h2>
+ This server was started as a result of a handful of friends being
+ frustrated with a few servers we haunted. Many of the original members
+ of Creeper's Remorse are professionals in Web development, Networking,
+ and the IT field at large. Combining our knowledge and experience, we
+ aim to deliver the following:

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