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An EMDR relay written in Go.
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cache Initial stab at dockerizing. New ZeroMQ module isn't working for me, …
example_configs iptables rule to limit 1 connection per IP
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Version: 1.1
Status: Stable
Author: Greg Taylor
License: BSD

This is the EMDR relay, written in Go. If you are wanting to run a relay of your own (or contribute changes), this is the place!

Install (in a Docker container)

This is the recommended installation method. It should be a quick and easy process for most.

Install (directly on your machine)



  • Added a periodic exiter. The relay will now exit every 12 hours to force a consistent restart. If you don't have a process supervisor, your relay won't come back up!


  • Now requires ZeroMQ 4.x.
  • Changed ZeroMQ bindings to pebbe/zmq4.
  • Dockerized release.


  • Initial experimental release.


This project, and all contributed code, are licensed under the BSD License. A copy of the BSD License may be found in the repository.

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