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Elaborating on the difference between regular A records and Alias A r…

…ecords in the comments.
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@@ -46,10 +46,20 @@ def hosted_zone(self):
class AResourceRecordSet(ResourceRecordSet):
- Specific A record class.
+ Specific A record class. There are two kinds of A records:
+ * Regular A records.
+ * Alias A records. These point at an ELB instance instead of an IP.
def __init__(self, alias_hosted_zone_id=None, alias_dns_name=None, *args, **kwargs):
+ """
+ :keyword str alias_hosted_zone_id: Alias A records have this specified.
+ It appears to be the hosted zone ID for the ELB the Alias points at.
+ :keyword str alias_dns_name: Alias A records have this specified. It is
+ the DNS name for the ELB that the Alias points to.
+ """
self.alias_hosted_zone_id = alias_hosted_zone_id
self.alias_dns_name = alias_dns_name
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