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Comments clarifying what 'save' means in the context of a record set.

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commit 5db2c163d593d7d1401efe8b23d4997a47fac7f4 1 parent 0b1bc6f
@gtaylor authored
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@@ -90,9 +90,12 @@ def save(self):
cset = ChangeSet(connection=self.connection, hosted_zone_id=self.zone_id)
+ # Record sets can't actually be modified. You have to delete the
+ # existing one and create a new one. Since this happens within a single
+ # change set, it appears that the values were modified, when instead
+ # the whole thing is replaced.
cset.add_change('DELETE', self)
cset.add_change('CREATE', self)
retval = self.connection._change_resource_record_sets(cset)
# Now copy the current attribute values on this instance to
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