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Updating the README to reflect the current state of the project.

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@@ -4,7 +4,6 @@ python-route53
:Info: A Python 2.7/3.x compatible Route53 module.
:Author: Greg Taylor
The ``python-route53`` Python package is a simple Python 3 compatible API for
Amazon's `Route 53`_.
@@ -15,11 +14,19 @@ boto_ is a wonderful piece of software, one that I continue to contribute to.
However, we needed a Python 3 compatible route53 module, and boto has a long
way to go on this front.
+I've also taken what I feel is a more simple, minimalistic API design. That
+is entirely subjective, though, and boto is perfectly viable.
+Getting started
+Head on over and read the documentation_.
Current status
-Not ready for primetime. Don't let that stop especially motivated developers
-from poking and contributing!
+Beta, but generally useful to anyone. Great unit test coverage, good
@@ -29,4 +36,5 @@ python-route53 is licensed under the BSD License.
.. _Route 53:
.. _boto:
-.. _issue tracker:
+.. _issue tracker:
+.. _documentation:

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