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total_storage_limit: 1G
# This is here because it looked like it had to be here. We don't use it,
# in favor of explicitly bucketing our workers into various queues. Makes
# it easier to see the state of our background task processing at a glance.
- name: default
rate: 5/s
- name: subreddit-api-workers
# Unauthenticated rate limit is 30 requests per minute. Make sure we stay
# well within that. All Reddit API tasks should go through this queue.
rate: 5/m
max_concurrent_requests: 1
min_backoff_seconds: 10
max_backoff_seconds: 40
max_doublings: 0
task_age_limit: 10m
# For generating and populating our Google Storage bucket.
- name: bucket-populator-workers
rate: 5/s