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The protocol for communicating with the running Minecraft process.
import datetime
from twisted.python import log
from twisted.internet import protocol, defer, reactor
class NotchianProcessProtocol(protocol.ProcessProtocol):
Used to communicate with the Minecraft server process. Any communication
directly to/from the Minecraft process should be done in here.
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
# Stuff waiting to be parsed.
self.outbuffer = ''
# A stack of defer.Deferred objects to be used for sending the
# result of the 'list' command to the API user.
self._player_list_deferreds = []
def errReceived(self, data):
print "stderr: %s" % data
def inConnectionLost(self):
log.err("inConnectionLost! stdin is closed! (we probably did it)")
def errConnectionLost(self):
log.err("errConnectionLost! The child closed their stderr.")
def processExited(self, reason):
log.msg("Minecraft process exited, code %d" % reason.value.exitCode)
def processEnded(self, reason):
log.msg("Stopping reactor.")
def cmd_list_players(self):
Pipes in a 'list' command to the interactive Minecraft server PTY.
Returns the result via a deferred.
:rtype: defer.Deferred
:returns: a Deferred object to add a callback that will receive
a string value containing the connected players list.
deferred = defer.Deferred()
# Toss a deferred on the end of the stack, since we're FIFO.
# Pipe the 'list' command into the Minecraft server's stdin.
# Get the deferred we just appended.
return deferred
def _parse_lines(self, data):
Splits a raw string into a list of separate lines.
:rtype: list
:returns: Each individual line that was passed in the globby string.
return data.strip().split('\r\n')
def outReceived(self, bytes):
stdout just got some data. Determine what it is, see if it's
interesting to us, and pass it along accordingly.
:param str bytes: The data received from stdout.
outbuffer = self.outbuffer + bytes
print bytes
#lines, leftover = self.parseLines(outbuffer)
lines = self._parse_lines(outbuffer)
#self.outbuffer = leftover
for line in lines:
# We're only interested in Connected players output for now.
if 'Connected players:' not in line:
# On almost every message, first four characters are the year.
year = line[:4]
# This is a silly/lazy way of seeing if this is interesting
# output, without having to write a real parser.
# TODO: Write a real stdout parser.
if str( != year:
def _parse_connected_players_output(self, line):
Since we have already identified ``line`` as a Connected players line,
this method parses it and returns the callback for the web API.
# Get the text after the year/timestamp.
line_nodate = line[19:].strip()
if line_nodate.startswith('['):
# This probably has a tag, like [INFO]. Almost everything
# does, so this is where most things fall.
split = line_nodate.split()
# [INFO]
tag = split[0]
# The meat of the output message.
output = ' '.join(split[1:])
# There's no [INFO] or other tag, leave this be.
tag = None
output = line_nodate
# Watch for some key strings that that only happen when a sever
# command is piped into stdin.
if output.startswith('Connected players:'):
# Found the output of the 'list' command. This happened as
# a result of web_api.resources.CmdListConnected being hit.
# Get the text after 'Connected players:'.
player_str = output[18:]
if not player_str:
# No players connected.
players = []
# Players found. Make a player list to return.
players = player_str.replace(' ', '').split(',')
# Need to get the first deferred from the pending stack,
# since that is the oldest outstanding request.
def send_mc_command(self, command_str):
Convenience method for sending a command
:param str command_str: The command to send to the Minecraft server,
without \n or \r sequences on the end.
self.transport.write("%s\n" % command_str)