Social Network using Rails for final project to my Computer Information Systems' degree
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TCC (Final Project)

This repository is dedicated to my undergrad degree's Final Project (TCC)

About the Final Project

The purpose of the Final Project (TCC) is the analysis and development of a system with a medium complexity. The project is divided into two semesters, both lasting four months.

The Ruby on Rails framework and PostgreSQL database was used.

For mobile version we choose Android platform.

Git was used as CVS.

The first half was used for choosing the subject to be developed, information gathering and modeling of class diagrams, sequence diagrams, description of use cases and developing an access control (without the use of libraries) to validate the team's expertise in the technologies adopted.

The second half was used for the development of the project itself (code and test).


The idea of the project is a social network where we will facilitate contact between startups and investors. The name chosen was StartMe (a little pun).

There are three types of users in the system: typical user and startup investor.

The typical user has only read access, where he can follow startups and investors to see news posted by them. It's a role to know the system and if there is an interest in participating, it can be upgraded to startup and / or investor.

The startup has the functionality the creation of portfolios where their products can be exposed , a different profile and can also post news about what's happening in the company, with its products and various subjects.

The investor may form groups of investments with other investors, advertise and publish information relating to their business and come in direct contact with startups if any interest.

The project failed to achieve the development of all specified items due to lack of experience and engagement of all team members (four members) with all the necessary technologies.

The system in its web version had developed core functionality, but still with some bugs and lack of improvement.

The system in its mobile version was developed only the login page and timeline.

I will recode this project with all the features originally planned as a personal project and portfolio.


  • Huge improvement in my skills with Ruby on Rails, HTML5, Javascript, databases and Android.
  • Understanding a real project with the purpose to be profitable.
  • I mproved capacity for self-management and management / participation of a team with different levels of knowledge and skills.

Regrets / Lessons Learned

  • Abandon tests by the fact that the team does not have knowledge of procedures and techniques (a big mistake)
  • Not defined at the beginning of the project, a starting and ending date for the activities causing overload on some people and underload in other in the last few months.

Any questions, suggestions or criticism just contact me. Thank you!