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Dragon_li is a benchmark suite of irregular applications utilizing the CUDA Dynamic Parallelism (CDP) features on NVIDIA's GPU with GK110 architecture or above (sm_35 or above). The purpose of Dragon_li is to facilitate investigation and studies on irregular applications that feature fine-grained dynamic parallelism on modern GPU architectures.

The current version of Dragon_li is only a preliminary release. The authors are continuously adding more features to the exsiting benchmarks, new benchmarks and documents. Please check out the Dragon_li project site for more information.

Check out

To check out the source code, first run:

git clone

Dragon_li has external dependency on Hydrainze ( which is defined as a submodule. The Hydrazine submodule can be initialized and feched under the top dir of Dragon_li:

git submodule init; git submodule update


  • Scons( is required to build Dragon_li. On Ubuntu, Scons can be installed by running:

apt-get install scons.

  • CUDA toolkit 6.5 is required to build Dragon_li. CUDA toolkit will be located under /usr/local/cuda/. You may modifly sconscript with your own CUDA toolkit installation path. CUDA toolkit with a version number higher than 6.5 may also work but has not been tested.

  • Under the top dir of Dragon_li, run:


  • To build the benchmark with CDP, run:

scons cdp=1

  • You may get a list of building options by running:

scons -h


The generated executables are installed uner dragon_li_top_dir/bin/. You may run each individual executable with "-h`" to look up available options. For example:

testBfs -h