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Gather data locally from a Rainforest Eagle-200
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Eagle200 Reader

Gather data locally from a Rainforest Eagle-200 device.

Eagle200 Reader provides the ability to retrieve data from a Rainforest Eagle-200 device from the local network, rather than from the cloud. Three arguments are needed to connect to the device; IP Address, Cloud ID (aka Username), and Install Code (aka Password).

Typical usage often looks like this::

#!/usr/bin/env python

import eagle200_reader

CLOUD_ID = '0012ef'
INSTALL_CODE = '4234343242343242'

device = eagle200_reader.EagleReader(IP_ADDR, CLOUD_ID, INSTALL_CODE)

print("Instantanous Demand:     {} kW".format(device.instantanous_demand()))
print("Total Energy Delivered:  {} kWh".format(device.summation_delivered()))
print("Total Energy Received:   {} kWh".format(device.summation_received()))
print("Total Net Energy:        {} kWh".format(device.summation_total()))
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