A homework assignment for CIS 195
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Calculator App

A simple calculator iPhone app written for CIS 195. It allows multiplication, division, subraction and addition of numbers. I implemented the UI just with a grid of buttons and a label for output. In order to support calculations, I kept track of an array of numbers and operations in the order that the user inputted them. I also kept track of the display text seperately so that I wouldn't have to compile the array over and over again. I disabled buttons that would cause bad input, so that no invalid input should be allowed to be even typed (besides division by 0)

Some Things to Note

  • Numbers < 1 and > 0 need to start with a "0."
  • The app dynamically disables buttons (shown by greying out the buttons) that would cause invalid input
  • Is usable, although not necessarily pretty in all iPhone screens and orientations

Extra Credit

  • Backspace is implemented
  • The whole expression is shown on the screen

Sources Used for Reference

  • developer.apple.com
  • The occasional stack overflow about how to do something in Objective C that I know how to do in other languages
  • Quite a few articles were used to figure out how to do a regex in Objective C