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Beta documentation here:


  • rebuild/restart a single service with:
    docker-compose up --detach --build mortar-server
  • which interface is a docker container on:
    docker exec -ti mortar_reasoner_1 cat /sys/class/net/eth0/iflink
    • then use the returned number to find the correct interface in ip a


  • add API call to get all metadata for an entity
  • preload some common views
  • Jupyter notebooks preloaded, 1 for each major piece of functionality:
    • loading turtle files
    • loading data files
    • simple API example (data analysis)
    • classic Mortar API example

Docker Compose to K8s

  • install kompose
  • run kompose convert -f docker-compose.yml -o k8s

Running Examples

In order to query and write to the Postgres database, you must create and authorize a new API key. $ docker exec -ti mortar_pg_1 psql mortar -U <username> mortar=# SELECT new_apikey(); mortar=# SELECT authorize_write('<your_new_apikey>', '<sitename>');