A Pygments style based on the dark background variant of Solarized
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Solarized (Dark) Pygments Style

What Is It?

This is a simple style for Pygments that is inspired by the Solarized project by Ethan Schoonover.

This style is for the dark background variant of Solarized. If you're looking for a light background version, try john2x's solarized-pygment.

How Do I Use It?

This is just a Style, not a plugin, so you need to add it to the styles directory of your Pygments distribution. Here is an excerpt from the relevant documentation:

drop it into the styles subpackage of your Pygments distribution one style class per style, where the file name is the style name and the class name is StylenameClass. For example, if your style should be called "mondrian", name the class MondrianStyle, put it into the file mondrian.py and this file into the pygments.styles subpackage directory.


I built it mostly by adapting the various editor syntax coloring themes that are available in the project proper, especially the TextMate theme.