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A basic HyperRAM controller for Lattice iCE40 Ultraplus FPGAs
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A basic HyperRAM controller for Lattice iCE40 Ultraplus FPGAs

You can download a Verilog model of the Cypress HyperRAM from their website.

​ bitstream/ - Contains pre-synthesized and compiled FPGA bitstream and RISC-V firmware files

​ radiant/ - Lattice Radiant project of the RISC-V + HyperRAM controller design

​ iCEStorm/ - iCEStorm project of the RISC-V + HyperRAM controller design

​ riscv32/ - picorv32 and picoSoC RISC-V files

​ simulation/ - Simulation of standalone controller

​ standalone/ - Simple HyperRam Controller

Sources: RISC-V examples were based off of the PicoSoC examples provided by mmicko at the Hackaday FPGA101 Workshop. Thank you for the great examples mmicko!

How do I use this project

This project provide examples for APIO and iCEStorm projects and also The Lattice Radiant sotware.

Build and upload under iCEStorm

  1. Install iCEStorm (
  2. Run the following commands cd ./icestorm ./ iceprog hyperram.bin

Build and upload under APIO project

  1. Install APIO (
  2. Run the following commands cd ./riscv32/hardware apio build apio upload

Build and upload under Radiant software

  1. Install the Laticce Radiant software (
  2. Open radiant/riscv32_radiant.rdf file
  3. Build and upload the project using the Radiant Software

Build and upload the software for RISCV32

  1. If you use the APIO project: cd ./riscv32/software apio make apio make upload

  2. In other cases riscv64-unknown-elf-gcc -O3 -nostartfiles -mabi=ilp32 -march=rv32ic -Wl,-Bstatic,-T,,--strip-debug -ffreestanding -o firmware.elf start.s sections.c firmware.c -lgcc riscv64-unknown-elf-objcopy -O binary firmware.elf firmware.bin

  3. Upload firmware.bin

  • iCEStorm: iceprog -o 1M firmware.bin
  • Radiant: upload the firmware.bin file using the programmer tool. The start address should be 1MB (see in bitstream/)

Project Description

FPGA Project contains a RISC-V core with the hyperram controller connected. Write and read tests are performed on the memory.

  • On power up, the RGB LED will light up red

    • This insures the FPGA bitstream is loaded properly and that the RISC-V code in SPI Flash is executing.
  • Shortly after words the RGB LED will flash blue or green

    • Green = read/write tests are passing
    • Blue = read/write tests are failing

Additionally, there is a UART TX port on pin 36. If you connect it to a terminal window you can monitor the tests. You can use the Adafruit FT232H USB board for this and connect a fly wire between pin 38 on the UPDuino and D1 and a ground wire between both boards. Set the baud rate to 9600.

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