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@gtjoseph gtjoseph released this Feb 24, 2019 · 40 commits to master since this release

Punch list 2019-02-24

Code changes:

  • Added ability for jog controls to ignore endstop and homing status.
  • Exposed the jog_command string to the config file so it can be
  • Fixed issue where print times weren't truncated to integer seconds.
  • now appends the version to the zip file name.

Default config changes (All in the Movement tab):

  • Changed the jog speed dropdowns to display speeds in mm/sec
    but still send speeds in mm/min to the jog controls.
  • Added dropdown to select whether to ignore endstop and/or
    homing status.
  • Added an example jog_command string to the jog_x widget.
  • Changed the E axis jog command string to use M83 for relative
    extrude distances and added a "T0" to automatically select
    a tool.
  • Moved the "Level Bed" button between the "Home All" and
    "Probe" buttons.
  • Reordered the widgets definitions to better match the layout.
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