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GtkD is the Digital Mars D programing language OO wrapper for Gtk+.
GtkD is release on the LGPL license with additional exceptions.
Please view COPYING for GtkD's license.
- Linux, Windows(2000, XP), or Mac
- Gtk libs
- dmd, gdc or ldc installation
(on your home directory on linux or the root directory on windows)
- OpenGL libs (mesa is fine on linux)
- GtkGLext
Who are you?
If you want to write some wicked cool D and Gtk+ apps, grab the gtkD release
archive at
If you want to tweak the automatic wrapper or help with it, use git...
The installation depends on the setup of your development environment.
This means that to release your project you must include the gtkD lib
on your deliverable or statically link to gtkD - please pay attention
to the license.
Compile the lib and the test programs:
To compile gtkD, please refer to the README of your choice.
We HIGHLY recommend following README_DSSS and using dsss to compile.
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