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Building gtkD with DSSS mini-HOWTO:
1) Get the latest stable version of DSSS and install it on your system.
(Last tested with DSSS-0.78).
2) [OPTIONAL]. Update the dsss.conf file in the root of the project to
suit your needs. Otherwise pay attention to the 'defaulttargets' key.
If you want a standard gtkD build/installation, the defaults are fine.
3) Build gtkD. Go to the root of the project (where this file is located)
and run the following command:
$ dsss build
4) You may now install the libraries to your live filesystem. From the
root of the project, run:
$ dsss install --prefix=/usr/local
Don't forget to set the prefix according to your needs. "/usr/local" is a
sane default and should work on most systems without further action.
If the chosen prefix is not on your PATH, don't forget to update your
environment variables. Import files will also get automatically installed
to the chosen prefix. Note: root access may be required to complete this step
according to your system settings.
5) [OPTIONAL]. Build the demos. Go to the "demos" folder located in the root
of the project and start the build process:
$ cd demos
$ dsss build
Alternatively, you may build the demos from the root folder of the project:
$ dsss build demos
By default only the demos of the libraries you have already built will be
compiled. You may change this by manually editing the dsss.conf file in the
demos folder, or by using the provided helper script:
$ cd demos
$ ./ only gtk
$ dsss build
You may select more than one demo at a time:
$ cd demos
$ ./ only gtk gda sv
$ dsss build
You may now run any of these demos directly from their parent folder:
$ cd cairo
$ ./cairo_clock
6) [OPTIONAL]. Build the documentation. Go to the root folder of the project
and run:
$ ./
All docs will get put in the "docs" subfolder. Alternatively, you may build
the documentation directly with DSSS:
$ dsss build --doc
Docs will be put in the "dsss_docs" subfolder of each folder in "src".
7) Build your own programs using the provided dsss.conf files from any of the
demo folders. Pay special attention to the buildflags used to build the
demos. "-L-ldl" is necessary.
Have fun!
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