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How come no g_signal_connect wrapper? #207

Stretto opened this Issue Jul 7, 2017 · 4 comments


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Stretto commented Jul 7, 2017

There is a Signals.connectData but no Signals.connect, is there any reason for this?


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MikeWey commented Jul 7, 2017

It's not wrapped because it's a macro, and not a function.

That means it's not available in the gir files used by the generator, and would need to be added manually. In this case the macro calls g_signal_connect_data with null as the destroyNotify callback.


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deviator commented Aug 11, 2017

Please add connection to custom signals to widget!

Need for situation like this.

Temporary workaround, maybe helpful for somebody

import gtk.Widget;
import gdk.Event;
import gobject.ObjectG;
import gobject.Signals;

class CustomSignals
    this() {}

    void connect(Widget widget, string signal, bool delegate(Event, Widget) dlg)
        auto wrapper = new Wrapper(widget, dlg);
        Signals.connectData(widget, signal,

    class Wrapper
        Widget widget;
        bool delegate(Event, Widget) dlg;

        this(Widget widget, bool delegate(Event, Widget) dlg)
            this.widget = widget;
            this.dlg = dlg;
            wrappers ~= this;

        bool opCall(Event e) { return dlg(e, widget); }

        void selfRemove()
            import std.algorithm : filter;
            import std.array : array;
            wrappers = wrappers.filter!(a => this !is a).array;

    Wrapper[] wrappers;

    extern(C) static int callback(void* widgetStruct, GdkEvent* event, Wrapper wrapper)
    { return wrapper(ObjectG.getDObject!Event(event)); }

    extern(C) static void destroyCallback(Wrapper wrapper, void* closure)
    { wrapper.selfRemove(); }


auto csig = new CustomSignals;
csig.connect(myWidget, "some-signal", (Event e, Widget w) { /+ do something +/ });

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MikeWey commented Aug 12, 2017

Need for situation like this.

For that example you can use addOnNotify from ObjectG.

my_stack.addOnNotify(&vc_changed, "visible-child");

For g_signal_connect we should combine it with the DelegatePointer from #137 so it will work with signals that have different parameters then Event and Widget.


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MikeWey commented Feb 7, 2018

master now has a overload of gobject.Signals.Signals.connect that allows connecting D delegates, functions, or even structs/classes with an 'opCall' defined.

So you could do this for the example above:

Signals.connect(myWidget, "some-signal", (Event e, Widget w) { /+ do something +/ });

@MikeWey MikeWey closed this Feb 7, 2018

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