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PHP extension for Cairo Graphics Library
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Merge pull request #7 from mgdm/mesh-patterns

Add support for mesh patterns
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examples more tests and some includes added - synced php_cairo and php_cairo_a…
tests Fix segfault in freetype
.gitignore Add back .gitignore
CHANGELOG Update versions ahead of release
CREDITS dual OO and procedural API, CS changes, integration with PHP streams …
LICENSE Add LICENCE file, closes #61794
README Updates to documentation and initial package.xml file
SYMBOLS Updates to documentation and initial package.xml file
TODO FT and W32 font support done.
cairo.c Merge pull request #7 from mgdm/mesh-patterns
cairo_context.c Killing some compiler warnings
cairo_error.c Happy New Year
cairo_font.c Happy New Year
cairo_font_face.c Killing some compiler warnings
cairo_font_options.c Killing some compiler warnings
cairo_ft_font.c fixed destruction of FT-fonts an associated resources
cairo_image_surface.c Happy New Year
cairo_matrix.c Killing some compiler warnings
cairo_path.c Killing some compiler warnings
cairo_pattern.c Merge pull request #7 from mgdm/mesh-patterns
cairo_pdf_surface.c Happy New Year
cairo_ps_surface.c Happy New Year
cairo_quartz_font.c Happy New Year
cairo_recording_surface.c Happy New Year
cairo_scaled_font.c Killing some compiler warnings
cairo_sub_surface.c Happy New Year
cairo_surface.c Killing some compiler warnings
cairo_svg_surface.c Happy New Year
cairo_win32_font.c Killing some compiler warnings
config.w32 add install api header
package.xml Fix typo in package.xml
php_cairo.h Merge pull request #7 from mgdm/mesh-patterns
php_cairo_api.h Happy New Year


Cairo OO Extension

Object Oriented interface to Cairo Graphics library
Requires Cairo 1.4 or higher
Requires PHP 5.2 or higher
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