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Surfaces to Finish:
Win32 Surfaces — Microsoft Windows surface support
Quartz Surfaces — Rendering to Quartz surfaces
XLib Surfaces — X Window System rendering using XLib
Font backends to Finish:
Quartz (CGFont) Fonts — Font support via CGFont on OS X
User Fonts — Font support with font data provided by the user
Constructor and way to add data
Iterator for path object
API utilizing glyphs needs to be completed, a few functions in scaled font,
backend fonts, and CairoContext
Add ability to see values in matrix (read only properties, var_dump support) and
in other objects as well
clone handling
Maybe implement cairo_svg_surface_create_for_stream and similar, allowing
PHP callbacks/closures to be used as the callback
Helper methods to convert image surfaces for use with imagick/gmagick/etc
1. Finish code completion (see above)
2. Tests written (good code coverage wanted)
3. Documentation
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