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Life is a simple minimalistic personal journal keeping software. It allows you to keep a record of your thoughts using a plain web interface. It is intended for personal use, a digital format of a handwritten journal.

Life is not Facebook. It is not intended for your friends to see; although some or even all of your posts can be public, the main intention of the software is for you to use it for yourself, to keep track of your memories and what happened in your past.

Life is not Twitter. Noone can follow you, you can't follow anyone, and there's no character limit; it's a piece of software designed for you to use for your own enjoyment and purposes.

I developed life because I have been keeping a handwritten journal for some time, and I wanted to make it searchable and protect it from being lost or destroyed. I use my journal to log my personal adventures as well as my notes as an entrepreneur, including information about what I do, places I go, people I meet, and things I see.

Life isn't a blog. It doesn't have features such as comments, a complex WYSIWYG editor, or anything of the like. It lets you post simple, unformatted pieces of text. Think of it as a list of Skype messages sent to an imaginary friend that never responds.


Rename settings-sample.php to settings-local.php and edit it to include your database credentials. Run life.sql to create the schema of your Life database. If you need Picasa integration, download the Zend Gdata library into the models folder and add it to your include path. You can then open up the web interface to register and post your first post.

As the authors of this software, Dionysis Zindros and Themis Papameletiou also maintain a centralized version of this software, which we run at You are welcome to make an account there and use it there instead of running it on your own server.


This project isn't completed yet. We're planning to add the following features in the future:

  • Gmail integration
  • Facebook integration
  • Twitter integration
  • Google calendar integration
  • Google contacts integration
  • Picasa integration
  • Post pagination
  • Calendar view and time ranges
  • Post editing
  • Encryption of private posts
  • Key-based authentication