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// (c) 2016 GTN - Global Training Network GmbH <>
// exabis student review Block is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
// it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
// the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
// (at your option) any later version.
// This script is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
// but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
// GNU General Public License for more details.
// You can find the GNU General Public License at <>.


This block is for Moodle 2.9 to 3.4 versions, it will not work for versions below 2015051100

* exabis student review Block - Bugs, Feature Requests, and Improvements *

If you have any problems installing this block or suggestions for improvement please mailto:

* exabis student review Block - Description *

The main focus of this block is a periodical review of students by more teachers. The basic idea of this module (acknowledging all new features of the moodle gradebook) is that teachers do not always have time during the year to give solid feedback to the students but
seek a simple way to do this periodically – for example at the end of each school-semester. The feedback can be seen as an additional information that are given to the students where students are assessed by a teacher-team.
If Exabis Competence Grid block is also installed, assessment-categories can be made available from there. Students can print out their review at any time in the pdf-format.

* exabis student review Block - Disclaimer *

As with any customization, it is recommended that you have a good backup of your Moodle site before attempting to install contributed code.
While those contributing code make every effort to provide the best code that they can, using contributed code nevertheless entails a certain degree of risk as contributed code is not as carefully reviewed and/or tested as the Moodle core code.
Hence, use this block at your own risk.

* exabis student review Block - History *

Using the pedagogical method of cooperative open learning (COOL) a culture of reflectiveness plays an important part - this module emphasizes on this aspect. It was the first module produced for this method. See more at
In addition to the „verbal“ review, teachers can rate their students on a 10-point-scale regarding teamwork, responsibility and self-reliability. An average point‐rate from all teachers is aggregated and printed out on the student review report card for each individual student.

* exabis student review Block - Installation *

1) Save the zip file somewhere onto your local computer and extract all the files

2) Transfer the folder exastud to the blocks-directory of Moodle

3) Log in as 'administrator' and click on the 'Home' link (Moodle 2.0)

That's it!

If there are problems with Admin Backup of exastud, please check in your php.ini if the extension pdo_mysql is activated.


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