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This activity is for Moodle 2.x-versions, it will not work in Moodle 1.9 (or below)

This module was originally created by Jamie Pratt (e-Mail: with funding from Future University Hakodate
The module was originally conceived and partially designed by Peter Ruthven-Stuart (, Future University - Hakodate.
It has been migrated to Moodle 2.x-versions by gtn gmbh (global training network ltd. -,

* qcreate - Bugs, Feature Requests, and Improvements *

If you have any problems installing this activity or suggestions for improvement please mailto:

* qcreate - Description *

* qcreate - Disclaimer *

As with any customization, it is recommended that you have a good backup of your Moodle site before attempting to install contributed code.
While those contributing code make every effort to provide the best code that they can, using contributed code nevertheless entails a certain degree of risk as contributed code is not as carefully reviewed and/or tested as the Moodle core code.
Hence, use this block at your own risk.

* qcreate - History *

First official publishing-date: 2007/11/21 09:19:34 jamiesensei
Migration to Moodle 2.4 2013/03/28 gtn gmbh

* qcreate - Installation *

1) Save the zip file somewhere onto your local computer and extract all the files

2) Transfer the folder qcreate to the mod-directory of Moodle

3) Log in as 'administrator' and click on the 'Home' link (Moodle 2.x)

That's it!