Logistic Regression with Gradient Descent
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Logistic Regression with Gradient Descent

Python Implementation

Graham Traines

PREREQUISITES: To get this program to work, you must run the script file grahamTraines_Logistic_Regression.py through a Python interpreter or IDE.

You MUST have the following version of Python installed: Python 2.7 (or higher) You MUST have the following libraries installed: NumPy SciPy MatplotLib.PyPlot

This program also requires the file Credit_Data.csv.

RUNNING THE PROGRAM: Open the script file grahamTraines_Logistic_Regression.py in an IDE or text editor. Go to the bottom of the script where the comments say: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!! START HERE !!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Set your desired eta (learning rate) and number of iterations for the variables eta and iterations. Go to the two method calls to learn_class. Change the long path string (the first argument to the method) to YOUR location for Credit_Data.csv

##WARNING! Large values for the variable "iterations" may result in a long run time!