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Whiteboard for distributed teams
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A whiteboard for distributed teams

Check it out:


The only, yet main, feature are the rooms. When you access the Writeboard via you'll be redirected to a new room with a random identifier. But, if you want your rooms to have an easy name to remember, you can go straight to for example.


  • Use it fullscreen. Usually F11 makes your browser fullscreen.
  • You can project your browser in fullscreen to a wall and simulate a mouse with Wiimote Whiteboard and an IR pen.
  • Create your own room by accessing


  • Keep drawings in the room so that new attendees can see what's been drawn so far. (DONE: improvement required though)
  • Make password-protected private rooms, so you can have a safe meeting.
  • Add 'Save as... PNG/JPEG' option, for emailing the board to the attendees.
  • (...)
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