Quick and dirty bash script to add node.js and npm to your cloudbees Jenkins project
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This is a quick and dirty bash script that verifies whether you have Node.js
and npm installed and available in your Cloudbees' Jenkins project (cloudbees.com)
and install them if not.

* Here's how it is currently working:
  - My Jenkins project has the following structure:
    /build - where this script and other build scripts live
    /project - where everything else related to my project live

  - It is pre-configured to clone the latest Node.js github version into /build/node
    and install it under /build/node/installed.

  - Configure your CI instance (Configure / Build / Execute shell) to run the following line (without quotes):
    "source build/start.sh"

* Future improvements:
  - Read project's 'package.json' to find out which Node.js and NPM versions to clone/install

* Note: The first time it runs it'll take some time to clone and install node and npm.
  The subsequent builds these steps are skipped.

** You are more than welcome to improve this script! **