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simple git hooks for crystal
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simple git hooks

This is inspired by ghooks-org/ghooks. It is also a proof of concept for a possible new major version of the javascript library.


  1. Add this to your application's shard.yml:
    github: gtramontina/
    version: <version>

NOTE: It is not advised to install as a production dependency as it will install git hooks in your production environment as well. Please install it under the development_dependencies section of your shard.yml.

  1. Run shards install;
  2. Then place all your git hooks under the .githooks/ directory. Make sure they are executable, as per the documentation;

How does it work?

This shard is actually just a makefile that does the following:

  1. Backs up the existing .git/hooks/ directory to .git/hooks.bkp/;
  2. Creates a symbolic link between .git/hooks/ and .githooks/;

That's essentially it. A couple of benefits I see over the original javascript implementation are, at this point:

  1. Does not abstract the execution of the hooks too much (makes it closer to how git actually works);
  2. Different branches can have a set of different hooks; this is not much of a problem with the original implementation, though;
  3. I've been using this approach with makefiles and a directory to host the git hooks for non-javascript projects for a while and I'm quite satisfied with the usage;
  • NOTE: still have to figure out how this would work on Windows, given we're relying on symlinks.


This software is licensed under the MIT license

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