Shanghai Disney Waiting Queue Statistics 上海迪士尼排队情况
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What is this ?

We all love Shanghai Disneyland, but the long long long waiting queue is going to kill us. So I need a better place to find which attraction is the lightest.

Also I want to find out which season is the best choice to travel to Disneyland, the statistic will give me the answer.


  1. install influxdb
  2. install grafana
$ git clone git://
$ cd wait4disney
$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ pip install -e .
$ disney-fetch        # This command will fetch data from disney server and insert into influxdb.
$ disney-publish day  # This command will publish daily report.
$ disney-publish year # This command will publish yearly report.

All config items like report path, influxdb username locate at disney/, please feel free to change it to meet your environment.

You can setup a crontab job to update disney waiting queue every minute. The grafana dashboard template locates at wait4disney/doc/grafana.json, you can import it to give a try.


To generate heatmap follow these steps:

python > disney.json
python -mSimpleHTTPServer

Then open your favourite web browser to you can also setup a crontab to generate report every day.

Web Snapshot