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James' plugins for snoonetIRC's fork of CloudBot.

Plugin Status Description Prerequisites
reddit news Stable Follows specified subreddits & echo when top post changes on IRC PRAW
follow twitter Stable Follow specified accounts & echo their tweets on IRC python-twitter
follow twitch Stable Follow specified channels & announce when they go live on IRC python-twitch-client

How to use

Install all necessary prerequisites linked in the table above.

Copy plugin .py files into CloudBot's plugins directory.

Edit CloudBot's config.json file. Add read-only API keys for the services you intend to use.

At the bottom of your config, add a section named "james-plugins." Don't forget to add a comma after closing the logging block. It should look something like this. Adjust settings accordingly.

    "james-plugins": {
        "reddit_news_subreddits": [
        "reddit_news_output_server": "freenode",
        "follow_twitter_accounts": [
        "follow_twitter_output_server": "freenode",
        "follow_twitter_output_channel": "#lowtech-dev",
	"follow_twitch_channels": [
	"follow_twitch_output_server": "freenode",
	"follow_twitch_output_channel": "#lowtech-dev"


Service Minimum Hook Interval Maximum Hook Interval
reddit 60 Unlimited
twitter 60 Unlimited
twitch 30 Unlimited

Interval durations outside these ranges will exceed the API limits of each service resulting in your API key being rate limited and eventually blacklisted.

Only one twitter account is polled at each interval. Hence, the more people you follow, the more delayed their tweets will be.

Future versions will use a different format for server and channel in config.json.


I'll do the best I can to answer questions/issues. Feel free to contact me here or on Twitter @Gtwy.