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bitly Chrome Extension

This is the official bitly chrome extension. Shorten and Share, right from your browser, instantly


The current release can be installed from

Development releases can be build by getting the source and loading as an unpacked extension

Source Code:

Please see notes on setting up valid Oauth credentials

Bitly OAuth Credentials

You will need to create and add a file to the js directory, so that


This file will contain valid credentials to use when contacting This is to facilitate easier re-purposing of code contained within the project. The file bitly_oauth_credentials.js.sample has been added as a reference guide

var bitly_oauth_credentials={
    client_id : "____YOUR_BITLY_OAUTH_CLIENT_ID____",
    client_signature : "____YOUR_BITLY_OAUTH_SIGNATURE___"

Features / Description

  • Shorten and Share, right from your browser, instantly
  • Shares to any of your linked social accounts, such as Twitter and Facebook
  • Expands all bitly links, including white-label domains, such as Can be easily disabled.
  • Easy and safe direct login to bitly
  • Captures selected page text, which can be quickly shared.
  • Supports both bitly and APIs
  • Works with both HTTPS and HTTP sites
  • Quickly copy short links to your clipboard.
  • Uses new bitly SSL oauth for authentication. You're credentials are never sent as clear text.
  • Right click "shorten and copy" your link with

Note to users experiencing problems directly after install: Chrome doesn't allow execution of content scripts on already open pages. If you try this immediately after install on existing tabs, it won't work, so we recommend to restarting Chrome after installing the extension.


  • Custom Keywords
  • User Shorten History / Activity Feed
  • Realtime / Trending links for user X
  • User Metics, clicks, country, referrers


Known Issues

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