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Analyzes stories using
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This project contains the following nodes / sections
        Google Chrome Extension for the website
            Story Actions:
                1. Takes a Ficly story or blog post, compares against
                2. Queries Wikipedia to get summary for author
                3. Displays a 'widget' on the with comparison data and wiki meta data.
            Author Actions
                1. On author pages,, display analysis data
                2. Look at all links to stories on page, look up in local storage
                3. Display widget of top 'read' authors (ficly stories you've looked at already)
                4. Display inline 'in the style of "author"' next to read stories

=== Status ===

As of 7/29/2010, this project continues in a public alpha status. The extension may be downloaded via the Google Chrome Extension Gallery

=== Installation ===

The unpacked extension can be loaded into Google Chrome once the developer mode is enabled. All other users can reach the extension here:

=== Storage ===

This extension caches responses from and into localStorage. This data is used to create author profile widgets as well. It is not shared or saved in any other manner. Currently, it is entirely temporary and does not use local SQL DB. Cache data can be lost by un-installing the widget or other behavior that clears window.localStorage. Future revisions may consider more aggressive storage options, including cloud data syncing

=== Thanks & Acknowledgements ===

Many thanks to all the folks who provided services or data for this extension, including:
    * The Team
    * The Team 
    * Claudeland Louis, for icon design
    * for author summarys

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