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ColorV: Color tool in Vim


Author:Rykka G.F


ColorV is a color view/pick/edit/design/scheme tool in vim.

It makes handling colors much easier.

With it, you can:

View colors

:ColorV (<leader>cv): show ColorV window

:ColorVView (<leader>cw): show ColorV window with color text under cursor.

:ColorVPreview (<leader>cpp): Preview colors in current buffer

Edit colors

:ColorVEdit (<leader>ce): Edit color text under cursor

:ColorVEditAll (<leader>cE): Edit color text under cursor and change all in current buffer.

:ColorVInsert (<leader>cii): Insert color with ColorV window.

Design Colors

:ColorVName (<leader>cn): show color name list window.

:ColorVList Hue (<leader>cgh) generate Hue list with color text under cursor.

:ColorVTurn2 {hex1} {hex2} (<leader>cgg) generate Hue list from hex1 to hex2.

:ColorVPicker (<leader>cd): show a GUI color picker.

Design Schemes

:ColorVScheme (<leader>css) Fetch scheme from Kuler or ColourLover

:ColorVSchemeFav (<leader>csf) Show Faved schemes

:ColorVSchemeNew (<leader>csn) Create a new scheme

And More
You can even use it under 8/256 color terminal.

Get latest and Post issues at https://github.com/Rykka/colorv.vim


  • Using Vundle (Recommended)

    Add this line to your vimrc:

    Bundle 'Rykka/colorv.vim'
    " needed for fetching schemes online.
    Bundle 'mattn/webapi-vim'
  • Using downloaded zip/tar.gz file. Just extract it to your .vim folder .

NOTE:webapi.vim is needed for fetching schemes online.
NOTE:Make sure filetype plugin on and syntax on is in your vimrc
  • Related tools:
    • vim: Galaxy, generate colorschemes with colorv


  • Global:
    • ColorV (<leader>cv)
    • ColorVView (<leader>cw)
    • ColorVEdit (<leader>ce)
    • ColorVEditTo {fmt} (<leader>c2r...) fmt see formats
    • ColorVEditAll (<leader>cE)
    • ColorVInsert {fmt} (<leader>cii...)
    • ColorVList {gen} (<leader>cg2...) gen see generates
    • ColorVTurn2 {hex1} {hex2} (<leader>cgg)
    • ColorVPreview (<leader>cpp)
    • ColorVPreviewLine (<leader>cpl)
    • ColorVClear (<leader>cpc)
    • ColorVScheme (<leader>css)
    • ColorVSchemeFav (<leader>csf)
    • ColorVSchemeNew (<leader>csn)
    • ColorVSchemeNew (<leader>csn)
    • ColorVPicker (<leader>cd)
  • In ColorV window:
    • Double Click or Press <Enter> to trigger actions.
      1. Hue Line: change hue
      2. pallete: set current color
      3. Attrbuite: change attr of current color
      4. history pallete: previous 3 colors
      5. Tips: show tips or trigger relevant actions.
      6. Stats: change relevant setting.
    • <Tab>/<S-tab> will jump to next/prev input
    • +=/-_/scroll up/scroll down to change RGB/HSV attributes under cursor
    • yy/cc/p/yr/... to copy/paste colors
    • gg/g2/... to generate a list
    • ss/sf/... to trigger scheme actions
    • q to quit
    • ? to show tips
    • Other actions, see :h colorv-mapping-buffer
  • In Color Scheme window:
    • n/N/p to navigate through multi schemes.
    • f/F to fav/Unfav schemes
    • e on a color to edit the color
    • K/C search item under cursor with Kuler/ColourLover
    • sn to create new scheme
    • q quit
  • Detailed instructions: use :h colorv
  • Options: see :h colorv-options

Color Text Formats:

There are following formats currently:

The KEY means the abbrevation key used in mapping

KEY  NAME    EXAMPLE                       DESCRIPTION
     HEX     FF00FF 334455
     HEX3    #CFF #F11
#/s  HEX#    #FF00FF #00FFFF
0/x  HEX0    0xFFFF00   0xEE3399
n    NAME    red/lime/blue                 (|colorv-colorname|)
r    RGB     rgb(255,55,15)                (css1 standard)
ar   RGBA    rgba(205,25,255,1.0)          (css2 standard)
l    HSL     hsl(50,90%,40%)               (css3 standard)
al   HSLA    hsla(230,30%,50%,1.0)         (css3 standard)
     glRGBA  glColor4f(1.00,0.5,1.00,1.00) (openGL color format)
pr   RGBP    rgb(30%, 98%, 98%)
ap   RGBAP   rgba(100%,40%,100%,1.0)
h    HSV     hsv(360,100,100)
m    CMYK    cmyk(25,41, 0,46)

e.g.: <leader>cim  will insert a CMYK color text

Color Generate Methods:

There are following type currently:

The KEY means the abbrevation key used in mapping

KEY  NAME                     DESCRIPTION
h    Hue                      Hue
s    Saturation               Saturation
v    Value                    Value/Lightness
m    Monochromatic            Generate by S and V s/v+{step}
a    Analogous                Generate colors h+15
3    Triadic                  Generate 3 colors
4    Tetradic                 Generate 4 colors
n    Neutral                  Generate colors h+30
c    Clash                    Generate 3 clash color
q    Square                   Generate 4 colors h+90
5    Five-Tone                Generate 5 colors
6    Six-Tone                 Generate 6 colors
2    Complementary            Generate opposite color h+180
p    Split-Complementary      Generate 2 opposite colors
l    Luma                     Generate by Luma+{step} ('yiq' only)
g    Turn-To                  Generate colorlist by history_0 and history_1

e.g.: <leader>cg5  will generate a Five-Tone list

Todo and Done


  • 3.1:
    • add upload, maybe a site to uplad to is needed.
    • ColorVTurn2 should use cursor color text if hex1 omitted.
    • DONE 2013-04-21 Add '<Tab>/<S-Tab>' for input jumping
    • DONE 2013-04-21 Add 0 value support for pallette and input


  • bug fix:
    • fix #16 and #17: nnor for maps inside colorv.
    • fix #18: #888888 term code should be 102
  • 3.0.2:
    • add back_buf for all win.
    • add scheme fetch info.
    • fix scheme nav arrow pos.
  • 3.0.1:
    • fix debug message: miss cache file.
    • fix scheme navigation with key.
    • update image.
  • 3.0:
    • add Scheme (fetch, fav, edit, new)
    • change cache behavior
    • auto preview edited color if in a preview buffer
    • back to last buffer if closed colorv
    • add ColorVInsert


Anyone willing to help can contact me, for now.

  • The document and helpdoc need rewrite.
  • a tutor screencast is needed.