A web version of an live coding performance with mathematical visualizations and dances.
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beluga (web version)

View Beluga on Vimeo

IAC video wall. 555 W 18th St. New York, NY. New York. December. 2013.

In a dark space an ocean swells and undulates.

A long wall with a projection of a programmatically generated oceanscape populated by parametric creatures diving, breaching, spiraling into the waves. At 10ft high by 3x the lateral range of human vision, Beluga is meant to be felt as much as seen.

People stream by, some pause to take in the oceanscape. A clock counts down to the dawn of the next "day," as if to say: "If you stay a little while, they will come out."

As day breaks creatures emerge, falling into a majestic procession accompanied by the duet "Belle Nuit o d'amour." As they make their way across the expanse of water, dawn turns into dusk turns into the deep midnight blue of a moonless night.

A "day" in Beluga lasts 4 minutes.

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