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Would be good to log variable changes in debugging mode - Golang

Problem(what I wanted to do)

Golang is capable of doing a lot of stuff very efficiently, but as someone who just started out with it there's a lot of struggle comes with it. I've been thinking of ways to improve developers' experience with using it until coming across this python project recently called PySnooper.

What I actually did

I was hoping golang would have something similar to PySnooper( basically provide developers an easy way/instrumentation to clearly log every variable changes as the program runs. The original implementation of PySnooper relies largely on the fact that Python provides the ability to trace a program as it runs via method sys.settrace(callback) which allows developers to set callback function for tracing every line execution.

For golang, it has this module runtime/trace which lets developers do similar things, but only via manually emitting. Everytime if I need to check out some intermediate values produced I will have to manually emit the value and have it shown in context. e.g trace.Log(ctx, "orderID", orderID) This is somewhat useful but seems a bit overhead to instrument.

Why that wasn't great

Golang is different from Python as it's a compile language instead of script language. It also provides this ability to trace via runtime/trace package but in order to use that:

1. Developer has to manually emit variable by doing something like `trace.Log(...)`, this could easily get boring and tiresome.

2. They also have to know a lot of concepts like context to get instrument the trace correctly and it's not friendly experience.


I think ability to log every change with simple instrumentation would encourge people to use the language and understand it more. But I think to support this feature, golang has to at least provide some kind of callback when tracing happens. Just like how sys.settrace does for Python.

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