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Binstubs #6

merged 4 commits into from Feb 23, 2012

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I don't like 'bundle exec rake db:migrate' so I use the --binstubs option when installing gems:

bundle install --binstubs

I then add this to my .rvmrc:

export PATH=./bin:$PATH

Then I can just call executables as nature intended without the 'bundle exec' prelude.

I've created an option that supports this and updated the README.
Note I changed the guard-rspec dependency to ~> 0.4.0, just to get it working locally, I haven't tried with earlier versions.

More info on why you might want to use --binstubs:

cgriego commented Sep 3, 2011

It looks like most other guard extensions have deprecated individual CLI options over simply having a :cli option that can have any arbitrary flags put in it. Maybe this patch should do that instead?

Guard member
rymai commented Sep 28, 2011

Hey guys, cool option!

As a general advice, yes please create a :cli option instead of remapping CLI options to named options (it greatly simplifies future work and directly allows to pass any native CLI options).


Yes, a cli option is much more useful, I've made the change.

rmoriz commented Dec 3, 2011

with the use of rbenv, binstubs become even more popular

@yannlugrin yannlugrin was assigned Feb 2, 2012
@yannlugrin yannlugrin merged commit 60c5ac9 into guard:master Feb 23, 2012
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