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@@ -27,17 +27,16 @@ h2. Configure Guard::Compass plug-in
The default configuration generated by 'guard init compass' looks like this
-bc. guard 'compass' do
- watch('^src/(.*)\.s[ac]ss')
+bc. guard 'compass'
the compass guard accept two options:
* :working_directory: all compass relative path will be computed from there
* :configuration_file: relative or absolute path to your compass configuration file
By default, the working directory is the folder where you run guard in and
-the configuration_file is computed by compass
+the configuration_file is computed by compass. You don't need to define watcher like
+in other Guard plug-in because they are generated from the Compass configuration files.
h2. Roadmap
@@ -1,8 +1,15 @@
-guard 'compass' do
- watch('^src/(.*)\.s[ac]ss')
+# Guard::Compass
+# You don't need to configure watchers for guard 'compass' declaration as they generated
+# from your Compass configuration file. You might need to define the Compass working directory
+# and point to the configuration file depending of your project structure.
+# Available options:
+# * :workging_directory => Define the Compass working directory, relative to the Guardfile directory
+# * :configuration_file => Path to the Compass configuration file, relative to :working_directory
+# Like usual, the Compass configuration path are relative to the :working_directory
-# # Alternative
-# guard 'compass', :workdir => 'not_current_dir', :configuration_file => 'path/to/my/compass_config.rb' do
-# watch('^src/(.*)\.s[ac]ss')
-# end
+# guard 'compass', :working_directory => 'not_current_dir', :configuration_file => 'path/to/my/compass_config.rb'
+guard 'compass'

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